Period cramps since day 14

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starlight Posts: 171
Hi, I have period like cramps since day 14, still have them today day 17, not due a period till day 23, do you reckon its a period cramp or something else, all advice welcome.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi starlight, Might be ovulation pains, given where you are in your cycle. Is it on one particular side? It usually happens on the side you're ovulating. Have you had it solidly for the 3 days? I wouldn't have expected it to last so long, it's usually only a few hours to a day for me but everyone is different! Keep an eye on it anyway buti don't think it's anything to worry about. Hope that helps!
starlight Posts: 171
hi, its not on any particular side, just a feeling like im going to get a period.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
i've just pm'd you starlight...
starlight Posts: 171
well girls, did a test day 22 of 23 day cycle, and its positive, im pregnant, cant believe it still in shock.
HappyGirl Posts: 113
congratulations starlight! Best wishes for a healthy nine months! :)
Mrs J Posts: 387
Best wishes Starlight - congratulations!
starlight Posts: 171
thanks girls for all your support, fingers crossed everything will be ok, its early days yet, so im trying to sort of put it to the back of my mind. im bursting to tell everyone, especially family, but we have decided not to tell anyone will around 14 weeks, just to be safe, anyway it will make the pregnancy shorter.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
hi starlight congratulations on your pregnancy
Ivory Bride Posts: 111
Just looking for some help as Ive no one else to confide in as we have not told anyone we are ttc. Came off my pill in April and my cycle returned after 47 days, its now 32 days since my last AF. I have been so exhausted lately cannot seem to shake it off even with lots of early nights. I have had very bad cramping pains which are on different sides for the last week, Some quite sharp and I am very emotional - Dont want to get my hopes up yet - do you think I am just ovulating, or are these early signs My CM is not as heavy this month as previous months so it was hard to guess when I ovulated (Sorry) !!!!!!