Period pains at 35 weeks pregnant?

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meggan1 Posts: 110
Hi Ladies, Im 35 weeks pregnant and am having period pain on and off all day today along with lower back pain. I'm generally not feeling good and am shattered tired. Is this normal or early signs of labour?
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
Sounds like Braxton Hicks! Your body practicing for D Day. You're at the right stage for that i think. Have forgotten so much.
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
I don't know about the back pain but I had period pains on and off from around your time to when she was born at 41 weeks.
Babymama12 Posts: 267
I had this at 37 weeks and was told to come to hospital for a trace to check it was not early labour. Thankfully it wasn't but I would call your midwife just to be on the safe side
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
its braxton hicks hun... id say your at the right stage for it they will gradually get stronger over the next few weeks.
meggan1 Posts: 110
Thanks girls, Feling much better today, pains gone :)I didnt think Braxton hicks were painfull!! Roll on the next 5 weeks cant wait to get my body back.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
hate to tell you this but you def dont get your body back after having a baby till three to six months later!