Periods after m/c

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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Just wondering if those of you who have m/c noticed that your cycles were longer/awol after m/c I got my first AF 27 days after D&C. I am currently waiting on her now. Tested yesterday morning and got BFN. Thought it was due today but no sign yet and don't feel like it's on it's way either. Anyone tell me if it's normal for them to drag out. Haven't had a cycle longer than 30 days since coming off the pill so that would be tomorrow AF is due. O:| O:| O:| O:| O:|
oirish Posts: 1541
LMS mine weren't regular after the mc in september and they were just sorting themselves out when I had the next one in march. Still all over the shop now - maybe give yourself a few more days and see what happens.
july7812 Posts: 1787
LMS - I found after my m/c that they were a bit all over the place to - wasn't even sure if it was actually my AF or not as they were so light (didnt even need to use anything for the 1st two - sorry if TMI). Still not sure what type of cycle they're in so just expect them when they arrive - am not TTC at the moment so least I dont have the worry of that.