Pew ends

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LadyMary Posts: 1050
I have got pew ends and i brought hangers for them too, so they could be hung easy on the day. But i noticed over the weekend, that i cant use the hanger things. Could you use sellotape to stick them on? Or would you tie them round with ribbon.
shiversmoy Posts: 635
maybe even blue tac. i know some churches wont allow cellotape or anything that could leave a mark on the pew.
frillynickers Posts: 1765
best to run in past the parish priest, I would say ribbon will be your best bet as most ban sellotape and blutack for feer of staining or marking the pews
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Better be sure not to mark the pew's never thought of that. Hopefully the florist can help. Blue tack could be good. :thnk
s wife Posts: 1445
im using ribbon to tie mine on fingers crossed it will work
Princess Laughalot Posts: 103
My mam & her friend are doing our flowers and we were in the church yesterday trying different ways of putting them on. They had some florist ribbon, really thin ivory ribbon, and they wrapped it around a few times so there was a few strands grouped together and then tied a little bow. They looked lovely. Maybe this would work for you too?