Photo Albums - which do you prefer?

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WinterGal Posts: 835
I can't decide which I prefer, the traditional album or the new photographic book - which as I discovered recently is more like a magazine where the picture(s) can cover ever millimetre of the page. The obvious difference being the book can cost about €1000 more. Which do you prefer and is it worth the extra spend for the book?
kazh Posts: 462
Hi wintergal, Both my H2B and myself really like the new format photo books. We like it as the layouts are alot more versitile. I feel that the photos are one of the most important things of the day, as I enjoy looking at photo albums so much. However you need to decide what is most important to you and spend your money on the things you decide are most important. :compress
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
Personally I hated the new photo books, I much prefer the quality of a real photo. Newer photo albums give a huge range of layouts and possibilities. I had one photographer tell me that he can fit more than one photo on a page now....he was quite excited about it poor thing....I had seen more than one photo on a page in loads of albums!! :compress
Dill Posts: 1640
Im with WPooh, dont really like the photo books. They do look good but i would prefer to have my actual wedding album as proper photos. I am thinking of doing a photobook on line for a friends wedding though using my own digital pics - you can get them on line for a lot cheaper. Why not get your official photos in the traditional way, and give someone a digital camera to take other shots and get them made into a photobook yourself? Best of both worlds!
ophelia Posts: 55
Definitely the photographic book - a friend of mine who got married last year brought hers out to show all the girls at easter - it looked fantastic. She used a Cork company and they gave her little mini versions of the book too for her parents and bridesmaids etc and they were amazing. Don't know what it cost though but I reckon it's worth it as it's the best record of the day in my opinion.
wexfordbride Posts: 64
I have seen some fabulous photobooks, but also like the timeless traditional albums. We're thinking of going for the more modern take on the traditional album, with multiple photos on most pages, as well as getting the photos on CD from the photographer. Then, in our own time afterwards we can get a photobook made up. You can order them through I haven't seen theirs, but I'm sure if we put some time into arranging the photos as we want them, we can great a great photobook made up. That way you can include photos taken by guests too, so you can cover the evening part even once the photographer is gone. Good as presents for the parents too! :lvs