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mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Hi, we're going with Robert Mullan () he gives the cd with high res photos on it too!! and his prices are gud!!and he's not pushy trying to get you to choose a more expensive album or anything like that!
2009BrideToBe09 Posts: 155
[quote="monkeybear":5kpy3c6i]Hi there i emailled lots of photographers and asked if they offered a disc only package that we could print ourselves with all the photos from the day cos i really didnt want to have to pick and choose between pics heres the quotes i got for high resolution CD only packages for aug 2009 E1100 E900 E2000 E1400 E1200 E1600 (this is who we picked) hope this is of some help to you :wv[/quote:5kpy3c6i] Hi, I've booked Paul Kelly for August 09 on the CD only package for €1600!
she Posts: 3298
Check this fella out, his pictures are great and his disk only package is only €400, i'm going with him and I know a few others on this site have booked him as well. I'm just waiting on him to send out the contracts.
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
I have to recommend my photographer - [b:3u5a5yni]Susan Jefferies[/b:3u5a5yni]. She and her partner John were amazing on the day, you get 2 photographers and the style of photography is amazing. She does a CD only package which is very reasonable and you'll get about 500 - 600 high resolution photos on a CD
barryfitzgerald Posts: 15
You may find some photographers that do not offer a disc only service. There are a few reasons for that, not just cost wise. Once the shots are done and ready to use, it is not simply a case of take them down the local digital print shop. Well, you can do that, but many machines auto adjust the prints, so you could end up with something that is not as good as intended! In short some photographers want to have full control over the final product, and that includes the prints. Being honest, the print cost is not high for the overall price you pay.
bubbled Posts: 79
Thanks a million to all, Have a good few meetings arranged now, thanks to all the suggestions, most to dicuss an album and CD package, some have only the album pics on the cd and others have all pics, the finished album ones are the ones I really want ...but good to have a few options, For anyone else thats been watching this thread and is interested in similar I found a couple of other options: Jenny McCarty - - album and cd, or just cd, haven't met yet but lovely stuff on her site PatBaker - - Album package, plus you get 300-400 photos on disc that are printable - album package - plus cd of images that are in your album (50) that are printable Just a couple of things, if anyone is very keen to get their files like we are make sure that when a photograher says they'll give you a disc that the images are printable, not just a slide show, and printable to what size? some will only give them in smaller sizes, so you couldn't get one blown up for example, just a few things I've noticed in my chats with them...
barryfitzgerald Posts: 15
On print is a guide: What you are looking for is the size of the shots for example 3000x2000, would be 6 megapixels. But you can get decent prints off of smaller images. High res should be around that size of more. Some photographers will be using higher resolution cameras, but may "downsize" the images. So anything below say 1500x1000 will not be high res, or suitable for anything other than smaller prints. You can get good A4 prints off of 3/4 megapixels in size. Just make sure to check this when you ask your questions..most will just give you the original file sizes
bubbled Posts: 79
Thanks barry, will defo check what size we're getting