Photographers - what to look for

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Half Pint Posts: 28
Hi ladies Just wondering if anyone has a list of tips...kinda like a checklist... of what to look for in a photographer for your wedding day. So many to chose from it's hard to know where to start. Thanks! HP.
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Mainly style of photography; quality of photos (look at whole albums, not just samples from previous weddings); length of time that he'll stay; quantity of photos; personality of photographer as you'll spend so much of your big day with him nearby. Also, I wanted high resolution photos so that I could reprint without paying and I wanted the copyright so that the photos would be mine and would have no watermarks- photgrapher's logo etc on them.
LucanSpaHotel Posts: 100
I think Corkiegirl has given most of the tips, but another one we would say is the photographer's experience with your venue/church. Have they worked at your chosen venue and can they show you previous photos there. Often the photographer will have a keen eye for great areas for photos that may not seem obvious. Best of luck sourcing your photographer O-O
nuttybride Posts: 594
Ask questions like: Have you done weddings at this church/venue before? If so, can you see some samples How they deal with bad weather, bad daylight, time of year etc. How soon after you can have the photos, do you get the digitals in the package with no crazy copyright all over them Look at sample albums that they have to offer as well as the other suggestions :)