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FloBeans Posts: 1
Hi :wv Me and OH have been engaged now for two years in sept. At the start, we made out a makeshift guest list(348 to be exact!!!) Majority of this list was made up of usual close family, close friends, aunts, uncles, cousins,work colleagues and more acquaintances than friends ( OH would disagree with that though) and all their plus ones (Ridiculous..i know!!) I have never wanted a long engagement nor a large wedding. And after 1 year of discussing(i.e argueing), we came to a compromise which we were both happy with. CLose family being, parents,siblings,grandparents and the bridal party to the main meal in a lovely restaurant with great sea views then everyone else would get a evening party invite with a buffet followed by a great band in same location. That way no-one is left out and all is getting the same invite. Failed to mention after 2 long hours last night we FINALLY got the list reduced to about 240. Although im hoping that we could get down to below that 200 mark!!! I know all about the dilemma and fuss made with evening invites so to incorporate the evening guests into our day, I thought that a hand tying ceremony in same venue at about 7pm would be a nice idea seeing as its only close family coming to the mass that way keeps everyone happy!! Comments/Advice on above plans greatly appreciated. Would 8 pm be too late to start the evening buffet even though they will only be in venue one hour compared to all usual weddings which your usually waiting til after 5pm and mass is at 12pm??? What time would be good time to get band to start?? Another dilemma i have is the worry that the buffet is going to be a big mad panic and just complete chaos??? Any advice from anybody that has or is having buffet wedding i would be delighted to hear. Im first to be married in house so have absolutely no experience whatsoever - SCARY stuff eh?!!!!
weddinghint Posts: 2
240 is quite a large group, but don't stress. If you are stressed, your guests will too! Buffet seems the right idea. Assuming you are using table cards, you might want to encourage tables A-D to start through the buffet line first followed by E-H. Open the buffet while drinks are still being served.
februarybride14 Posts: 72
That sounds like a great plan. Near 350 is madness, you'd never get to spend time with each other let alone the people close to you. Sounds like a perfect compromise. The ceremony at 7 sounds perfect and would include everyone. 8 isn't too late for a buffet at all. I was at a fancy 60th food served at 9 with lovely decorated tables (like for a wedding) and buffet in the centre of the room. The hotel manager made an announcement beforehand and gradually called up tables at a time to be served, was very civilised and worked very well. Maybe start the band straight way after the meal, or could you have the option of background music during the meal. Best of luck :)
TheBoxer Posts: 49
I don't think you even need a buffet; people going out at that hour will have eaten already. Fingerfood would suffice, I think. We had 30 for ceremony and dinner then big party that night. We were pleasantly surprised that, bar one person, nobody had an issue with just coming at night. People were just happy for us, and liked not being inconvenienced with lots of travelling or annual leave. Also, not to sound like a bridezilla, do what suits you both, and spend what you're comfortable with.
happymrstobe Posts: 44
I was thinking the same thing, maybe better to get straight into party mode instead of buffet at that time. You can always do nice finger food? The only think I would say is that I went to a late wedding before & people aren't warmed up the way they would be for a normal wedding so it takes longer to get going so have people come as early as possible. Best of luck :)