please advise!!! any tips appreciated

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bree Posts: 1880
hi girls..this mite b long&boring but pls pls bear wit me! was on here while back as taut could be pregnant ( false alarm got painful AF on 2nd).anyway, since then i have been the most hungry i have been ever ( ever) no amount of food will fill me, tummy loudly grumblng All the time. After coming back from a hen weekend this evening H2B asked if i was ok as had noticed how swollen my lower tummy had become ( as had i)..its about 2-3 times its normal size, it hard and very noticable. I know pregnancy is not a possiblity so girls do u think my big ( massive!! ) tummy is due to eating more to satisfy the hunger,too many drinks the weekend, water retention etc ???... ususally i wouldnt worry but have first dress fitting wed morning and dress is really tight fitting.. if tummy is still like this its gonna be very noticable ( my sister inlaw is 22wks pregnant & im bigger than her right now..looks just like a baby bump). im gonna drink plently water tomorrow to see if that helps.. any tips greatly gonna go now and eat the keyboard. thanks girls
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
Hi Bree, Would you not take a pregnancy test just to be certain. I had a friend who was 5 months pregnant before she found out. She was getting her period every month as normal and couldn't understand why her belly was growing. Not trying to scare you or anything but i'd take a pregnancy test if i was you.
MTMR Posts: 788
You really need to ask your doctor, if nothing else it'll put your mind at ease.
brideeee Posts: 1490
HI bree, I would tend to agree with Malibu and maybe re test. If it is fluid/water retention, drink lots of water and avoid very starchy foods- white bread, pasta, beans etc.... Been feeling alot like this myself lately, I'll need turbo pants to keep this tummy down! Maybe you could get some of those granny knickers to hold you in? best of luck, xx brideeee
bree Posts: 1880
thanks for that girls.. definetly dont think im pregnant cause last period was particularly awful ( not sure why i think that matters) and just before i got it i had had pregnancy scare & taken test ( which was BFN). ( actually wasnt scare as would be quite happy)...anyway..not sure about this big belly.. i have taken Andrews earlier so awaiting the world to fall out of my bottom ( or the bottom to fall out of my world rather)... hoping it might help. thanks a million for the replies yer brilliant
lal Posts: 403
That happened a girl I used to know. She said she looked about 5 months pregnant all the time. Finally it turned out she had a particularly bad yeast infection and basically her womb (I think) was all swollen and distended and made her tummy look huge. Im not sure of her other symptoms Would that be the cause I wonder. You should maybe ask your GP? Good Luck l
bree Posts: 1880
went to GP and have bleeding sickened ..cant drink for 6wks to let it heal and the hen is booked for Fri.. feeling really tired, and while i dont drink alot id hate the taut of not even having a cocktail on my hen night !! feeling really disappointed!! :roll: