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Woodstock Posts: 1565
Girls, I'm going insane trying to work out ovulation date, can you please help with this? The first day of my period was 18th September and I know I have 32-day cycles. I don't know how long my lutheal phase is but I know that I always got a fertile quality CF very early in my cycle, litterally right after my period ended! I never wrote down the dates of the intercourses but I know they were either 27th or 28th September or 4-5th October (weekends) :-8 I had calculated my period was due again on the 20th (yesterday). I tested on the 19th and was positive. I've been on every ovulation calculator I have found on the web, and they all say I was fertile from the 2nd to 10th and most probably ovulated on the 6th of october (which would make me only 2 weeks pregnant!) could this be? Doc has me down at 4 which I know I'm not. So question really is could i have ovulated on the first weekend (1 week earlier than all these calcs make out to be) in which case I'm only 3 weeks pregnant? Or was it too soon after my period? Thanks!
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
I imputted your details onto the site and it brings back a EDD of 29th June 2009 and you are 4weeks 1day!! :o)ll :o)ll The calculators on these sites can be out a day or so but i reckon its either late June or early July!! Congrats again!! :o)ll :o)ll
serenity Posts: 3675
Not that I know very much, but how many weeks you are pregnant is determined from the last day of your period - not the date you ovulated. What I mean by that is that if you had your period on the 21st of September and you ovulated on say October 2nd, then if though you only conceived on October 2nd (or close by), it is calculated from your last period - so you would be 4 weeks.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's right isn't it???
Woodstock Posts: 1565
Oh, okay, i didn't know! :-8 I honestly thought it was calculated since conception/ovulation! Great so I'm 4w1d!!! :o)ll Better go and get a new ticker! Thanks!
redwifey Posts: 2932
It seems to be that your doctor calculated your DD from your last period whereas you calculated from the date you conceived. Your doctor is right as your DD is calculated from the first day of your last AF. I would be similar to you - last AF 3rd September but I didn't OV until day 20 of my cycle and assuming a 14 day luteul phase gives me a due date of 15 June. I used to calculate my dates - it's quite good. Normally a doctor will calc it as follows - add 7 days to the date of your last period and then go back 3 mths - which would make me 10th June - but I know my cycle was 33 days last month so I just added on an extra 5 days.
Maybump Posts: 527
Your 40 weeks of your pregnancy are calculated from the first day of your last period as can't be 100% when you ovulated and concieved. So your actully 2 weeks pregnant before you've even concieved your baby!! This artical might help. [url=] [img:o2idqttw];18;96/st/20090501/dt/6/k/d116/preg.png[/img:o2idqttw] [/url]