Pocketfold Invitations?

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mrsSweeney Posts: 81
hi all looking for a supplier for blank pocketfold invitations as cheap as possible will be printing them myself so just need the card with the little pocket to the right can get them from the usa for about 69c each but if i got them here id be far happier *) cheers :)
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
Hi, what colour/size are you looking for?
mrsSweeney Posts: 81
[quote="happyeverafterinvites":2i2vt0kl]Hi, what colour/size are you looking for?[/quote:2i2vt0kl] signature style so folded i think they measure 5x7... colour - either lemon or pearlescent ivory cheers
smileyoie Posts: 56
Did u have any luck sourcing these??? I want the same?? Any advice?
Bridetobemay14 Posts: 6
Hi, got mine from pdacardandcraft they were 130x130mm they cost £.58p each not sure what it works out in euros.
kitkat2014 Posts: 34
I Made my own after getting a sample from cards and pockets! Just couldn't get the colour I wanted- then was shopping one day and her presto I saw card in my exact colour- cue a lot of DIY! Just be careful with cardsandpockets - could set you back quite a bit with customs when ordering from US!
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janiferbeth Posts: 21
what is your expected cost? And how many cards you require and in what timing?
kitkat2014 Posts: 34
Hi Janiferbeth, ok I used A4 card 160 g/m. Some use a stronger card but the heavier the card the more likely it is to crack at the crease. I reckon when you have folded the 160 into a pocket shape, added the pouch and glued in all the extra cards you will have a very sturdy invitation. Each pocket fold takes one colour page and one sixth (to make pouch)? Plus 2 A4 card for invitation and inserts. My coloured and insert card cost same 3.49 per 50 - so in theory that's 3 cards at 6 cent each - 18 cent in total. Envelopes worked out at 6 cent each. Couple of rolls of double sided tape and a printer! So about 30-35 cent each (excluding printing costs). Way cheaper than anything i priced!