Prawn Cocktail Skips

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Anon - Please help Posts: 203
Just got a bit of a goo on me for a pack of Skips and now im wondering if its ok to eat Prawn Cocktail flavour things while pregnant???! Please say yes as Im drooling for them!!!! :)
tilsun Posts: 4506
would hate to be giving medical advice, but cannot for the life of me see why you couldn't. I doubt a prawn has been within a mile of a packet of skips. :wv
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Are prawns one of the foods you're supposed to avoid?
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
No, there's no reason to avoid properly cooked prawns while pregnant. That said, I agree with tilsun, I'd say it's unlikely a prawn has ever come next, nigh or near a Skips crisp! Eat away!
rocj Posts: 799
Im here munching away on a packet i never thought they would be any harm.
Anon - Please help Posts: 203
So all these weeks that Ive been avoiding Prawn crackers have been for no reason??!!?! :weep Thats it am getting a bag all to myself this sat night with my chinese....its just not the same with out me crackers!! Thanks Guys! PS the skips were delish...highy recommend! :o0