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Mrs Mia Wallace II Posts: 1
Hi All Am a newbie on P&B. Got my bfp last week and I'm over the moon. Just wondering about something ... Have been doing weight watchers the past six weeks and was doing pretty well. I found out I was pregnant last week and I'm just wondering about continuing with weight watchers. I don't go to ww class or anything, I have been before so I was just doing it myself. I just don't want to jump on the "eating for two" bandwagon and lose the run of myself. What's your thoughts on this? Are there any good books out there for eating habits while pregnant?
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
well weightwatchers generally encourage healthy eating so its the same for healthy eating in pregnancy id continue following the good diet and just not go to lose weight iykwim? maybe tell them your pregnant im sure they have diets and nutritional info on that too!
babychino Posts: 634
Congrats on your pregnancy. If you were going to ww classes, they give a booklet which says not to follow points but maintain balanced approach with lots of veg, fruit, water etc and watch your portion sizes. I lost a good bit of weight with ww before getting married & didn't want to put it back on, food wise I'm up & down but have been pretty good walking, swimming is supposed to be great too.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
hmmmm i dunno, when i was at ww i stopped when i found out i was pregnant cos the leader told me not to come near the place til i was 6 weeks after having baby. You need to increase your calorie intake when your pregnant and if your doing ww it means your cutting back on your intake and its not meant to be allowed. I stopped but just didnt eat the shit i used to eat like chocolate etc. Your pregnant your meant to put on weight. If you didnt id be worried.
babymomma Posts: 175
Thanks for the replies. I just thought that it might be a case that if you were pregnant you add on more daily points or something. Not to worry, I'll just continue to make good healthy choices while making sure both baby and me are well fed :)