pregnancy with serious illness

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Cudsxxx Posts: 208
Hi All I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience of having had a serious illness and deciding to have a baby. I had a kidney transplant at the end of 08. The most devastating thing about kidney failure was that I thought that I would never have kids. Since the transplant I have a chance. I had an appointment with my Nephrologist today and he has changed my meds so I can start trying soon!!!! He is referring me to someone called Mc Conville? in Holles Street. Anyone know her? Also, I know that there are risks to the baby (preeclampsia, low birth weight) and for me (loosing my kidney and going back on dialysis - this is relatively rare) - how have people in similar situations dealt with worry/guilt. I would love to hear you experiences of TTC, pregnancy and mammyhood having recovered from a serious illness. I am worried that my illness will affect my fertility, I am worried that I am doing the wrong thing for the baby my exposing him/her to potential risks and I worried that if I have a healthy baby that I might get sick again and not have the energy to care for my baby to the best of my ability. That said, many people go on to have healthy babies and remain healthy themselves. I'd love to here some experiences - whether they be first or second hand. Cxxx
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi I dont have hte experience you are looking for but I just wanted to write to wish you luck and much happiness and success on this decision and journey you are about to embark on. You have been through so much already, more than most of us, you will clearly be a great mammy. Have you considered looking into accunpuncture? I found it great for my general well being and TTCing. I found a midwife who did it so she had extensive experience in that area too. Good luck, Im looking forward to hearing how you get on, swiss.