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Bright Jen Posts: 2
I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this is, so mods feel free to bump if you need to. I am Maid of Honour for a bride who was my BM at my wedding. She asked me last January. No problems, I am enoying all the hype and dres shopping etc. and planning that goes with it. But I discovered over the weekend that I'm pregnant and guess what...??? I'm due (not totally sure but in and around) the week of the wedding. :ooh I just don't know what to do. I haven't had the scan yet so I could be out by a week or 2 but this will be my 4th so i don't usually stray too far from the EDD anyway. So I'll either be like a tent or have a bub stuck to me boob. and I don't think the bride is goint to be very happy. Should I offer to bow out now or should I not even tell her until after the scan. BTW we are due to go for one last look at BM dresses in a couple of weeks and I dont know when I'm going to get the scan Help I'm freaking out :duh:
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Be upfront with her now, before the dresses are bought. When you know more about the due date you can update the bride and see how she feels & how you feel. You don't have to make a decision right away but it's only fair to keep her in the loop. Trust me, take it from someone whose BM bowed out a couple of weeks before the wedding, dress bought & all.
MrsCtobe2013 Posts: 66
Well firstly, congratulations!! You must be thrilled. That is very exciting news. you must be over the moon! If your friend is a good true friend which I'm sure she is she will also be thrilled for you! This actually happened me and I was the bride. My bridesmaid found out she was due a few weeks before the wedding and she decided she wouldn't be confident enough in the bridesmaid dress so few weeks after having baby. She is already very body conscious! I was fine with that as I would never want her to be uncomfortable on the day as she is very important to me. Obviously I was disappointed but sure I got over that. Don't be worried! Just because someone is getting married everyone elses' worlds do not simply stop. I actually can't understand brides who would freak out over that. Congrats again!
Bright Jen Posts: 2
Its ok, I spoke to her and shes been great. Silly me thinking I was gona get into trouble for being up the duff!!! :stork: Happy out now I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy and hopefully a wedding at the end of it all. :o0 Thanks for the replies.