pretty lingere on wedding night

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bosshogg Posts: 159
So here's the thing, it's nude strapless bras and waist cinchers all the way for the day of the wedding but will I get a chance to powder my nose and change into something pretty and lacy that night/next morning ? This only occurred to me the other day when I casually mentioned to my OH that I picked up my wedding underwear in a sale shop. He looked terribly happy at the prospect of seeing it while at the same time I visualised the flesh toned boned boringness that it truly is. No matter how tipsy I will be at 4 or whatever o clock it will be when we reach the bridal suite I now realise I'm going to have to have something delicate and gorgeous to slip on. He's an aul romantic at heart and I want to look beautiful for him even if I feel like snoozing til eternity. :xxx Where would you suggest I buy the beautiful lingere on a budget and what are you gals doing?
OrTees Posts: 907
Like yourself I'm gonna be sporting very practical underwear under my dress! But I got a cute little ivory lacy set in Penneys to change into later (or next morning more likely!!) It's definitely worth checking out for budget underwear and the stuff was actually a much better fit than I would have expected. There was even a matching suspender belt for €4 that I know he'll get a kick out of ;o) .
Mrs Spud Posts: 418
+ 1 I got a nice little set in Penneys and I was so glad I hadn't spent a fortune on it because by the time you get to bed, you might be too tired to DTD and the last thing he (or you) will be thinking of is sexy undies. If you are going to get a nice set, get them for the night after the wedding. Its a little treat for you (and him) when the day itself is over ;o)
gopro Posts: 1801
i got a cream 'bridal' silk out fit in debenhams, we went to bed at 5.30am, we had always said no pressure to DTD on the night, but we both couldnt wait, so didnt was glad to have a nice outfit
bosshogg Posts: 159
Thanks for the heads up on Ladies, I'll have a look in Pennys. It is true it doesn't need to be the best fit just pretty. I might pick up two sets in that case Mrs Spud :thnk