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chicam Posts: 1169
Hello you lovely people :o)ll You'll see from my posting over the years that I'm not some randommer out canvassing at the moment - I'm a mum as well as a teacher and I'm doing my MA Education here in the UK (but I'm Irish!). I'm hoping someone will come forward to say they're a Primary School teacher or know of a primary school in Ireland that has been involved with the MLPSI (modern language primary school initiative) that got scrapped earlier this year after 14 years. I'm a French and Spanish teacher doing my MA thesis on the impact of modern language learning in the UK, compared with other european countries (like my home town Ireland!). I'm looking for a primary school that would be interested in helping me out by doing some surveys/providing me with information on what their funding from the MLPSI was used for and now what the future holds for their students since it doesn't exist anymore. Anyone? Or even know of your local primary school that has an email address I could contact formally and request their help? Thanks everyone :o)ll :compress
sooperdooper Posts: 60
Hi Im a primary teacher. I dont teach in a school with that initiative but you should try posting on go into resources and message board and sign up. Teachers also posting surveys etc for ma's and people fill them out no bother.
chicam Posts: 1169
Hi there thanks, great idea! Unfortunately can't register as I'm in the UK and they have registrations outside of ireland disabled! Back to the drawing board, but thanks anyway :o)ll
theoracle Posts: 7664
You might or might not be aware of this resource: it has tonnes of useful publications and stats that may help you on your way. Also have a look at the ELAN study, lots of stats on Europe.