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winter09 Posts: 47
ok.. in need of some help please. We have microsoft word 2007 and cant figure out how to print as a booklet. I cant see an option for booklet in print ? basic fool proof advice needed please!
x_x Posts: 1823
Don't talk to me about that Word 2007. It torments me. O:| O:| O:| O:| Why did they change it sooooooooooooooooo much?? Maybe I'm just a total thick. Anyway - regarding the mass booklets...after many hours of wrestling with a printer - we have decided to get ours printed in Reads? I popped in & asked about it....for 100 booklets, it worked out at around €110. That's no colour though, don't know where you are based.
winter09 Posts: 47
MrsHull Posts: 5
Hiya this took me ages to figure out, and I hope I am remembering it correctly but here goes... File menu- page set up There is an option for multi pages with a drop down menu on it and one of the options is book fold- go for that. Then select print and there is a little check box saying manual duplex that you need to tick. Then when you print it will print the first side and give you a little message asking you to take the printed pages turn them over and reload them in the printer and press ok. Then it will print the other side- I had to print a few individual copies first to work out how to re-load the paper the right way round but then it was perfect! Hope that is right- good luck with it and hope you enjoy your day!
MrsHull Posts: 5
Oh and one other thing winter09, I am UK based too so top tip is to not fold the booklets until you get to Ireland- it really bulks them up when they are folded and stapled so it takes up a lot less room to print them here and travel with them flat and then if you have time do it in Ireland- we had loads to take and space was at a premium!
Excited 2008 Posts: 304
Ok I am a bit stupid here but I cannot find page set up in word?? Anyone help!!!!
chaos Posts: 1904
go to file, click the down drop arrow and page set up will be there!