Prison Break

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Formerly Almost there06 Posts: 36
This starts tonight on RTE 2 (As far as i know) I've already seen the 1st series - its well worth the watch, i thoroughly recommend it..
clairebear76 Posts: 568
i strongly second this, seen the whole series and was totally hooked. so miss shouting at the screen :(
kittenheart Posts: 1488
Sat down to watch it last night and after 2 minutes we had visitors so thank God for the Sky + I taped it and will watch it tonight :D
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I found the first Episode last night slow and boring. I hope it is isn't a reflection of the rest of the series.
Holly Posts: 480
I enjoyed the first one last night, I'll give it a try for a few weeks anyway
steen Posts: 1335
Really enjoyed the show - looking forward to the rest now.
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
Looks like I'm hooked to yet another program. How yummy is the tatooed guy's smile. :P
cbs Posts: 704
I fell asleep !!!! I'm disgusted with myself, fell asleep during that bloody soccer match and eventually woke about 12 with a crick in my neck :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :twisted:
charli Posts: 5994
YEAH I watched it! thought it was slow but have heard great things so will keep watching. yer man Michael is easy on the eye as well, beautiful blue eyes!
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Ya it wasn't desperate housewives, but watchable. I think the coincidences and the way things just fall into place will start to annoy me though! Like the fact he knew not to agree to do the Taj mahal thing for the prison govenor and was then when been threatened with solitary confinement or whatever he was able to bargain. Oh ya and with all the prisons that he ended up in that one, the one that he had designed/built and his brother also happened to be there....hmm... Do they not check into peoples backgrounds in such cases??