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Polly38 Posts: 6
Booked in 3rd pregnancy with MRobson today. Met him when I miscarried in November and really liked him. A total gent and even called a few days later with lab reports. His secretary gave me info on combined care package for €2500. 6 visits with gp, 6 with him. Private room (if available) him at the delivery(or another consultant if he is not available). Sounds too good to be true and was wondering if anyone has any expercience with this and if I'm missing something???
lilytiger Posts: 536
My sister did this last November in he coombe with Michael o Connell, she had her visits with him in his private suite and then her gp visits as normal, she got a private room for 3 nights and saw him for the babies 6 week check up too.. Cost her €2800 so she was delighted and thought it was great value.. He was there for her delivery and did her stitches afterwards too... Sounds like a great option to me if private is the way you want to go but for a lesser sum of money.. She did have to pay separately for the 12 week scan , 20 week scan and another scan at 32 weeks as she had low lying placenta but you pay for those on semi private too.
Polly38 Posts: 6
Thanks for the feedback. Robson is in NMH but does sounds like the same thing. Went SPC last time and the 2 hr wait was painful, so for the sake of €1k decided to splash out on private care. Hope it will be worth it!!
Bee80 Posts: 1
I'm attending MRobson in nmh and doing this package. It's great value and there is no catches!!! I saw him for the first visit at 10 weeks, went to gp at 16 and him after the 20 week scan so far. Robson is a legend in our f.amily as he has delivered all the grand children over the past 9 impressive attendance record for deliverys even the few In the middle of the night and the weekends!!! One sis was had some serious issues from 30 weeks and was admitted every week for a few days He Saw her every day when she was admitted, sometimes twice a day..he is a really nice guy, very calm and will answer any questions you have without making you feel a bit silly. Good luck with the pregancy, you are in great hands.
Polly38 Posts: 6
Hi bee80, thanks for the info and reassurance about the package. Delighted to say had first scan and review 2 weeks ago and all was well. Robson is so nice, picked up on the nerves and saw us again yesterday for a quick scan. Could not be any happier this morning with my desision to spend the extra money on private care.
jdurso Posts: 351
You're lucky to get this, I'm private with a different consultant in HS and there is an option to do combined care but his fee is exactly the same so there's no point to it really, other than if you live very far away from the hospital.... I wish fee structure info was more publicly available!
Polly38 Posts: 6
I meet robson after a misc so it was by default I fell across him. His pa is really nice and helpful. Would you not call her, get info and think about changing? Don't really see the point seeing him every time, but really like having his office at the end of the phone for the wobbly days!!! so for me this is perfect. And I finally get to use my vhi for all hospital charges.... At last get to use it for something.)
Polly38 Posts: 6
Doing private combined care in nmh with mrobson and finding it great and there does seem to be no catches but...having a bit of an issue with my gp...just finding the consultation too quick and feel like she could not be bothered.. Every question I have she tells me to ask Robson next time... Really disappointed as she is our family GP and I have always liked her manner with our daughter. Was wondering if anyone has changed GP during their pregnancy or even found the same during their pregnancy. Spoke to robsons sectary and was was surprised as they get paid for doing combined care by the state. She said it was ok to change and gave me a name of one near work that some of the other patients attend. Just wanted some feedback from anyone that has done it and was there any aftermath????
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi Polly, I changed GP mid pregnancy and there was no aftermath. Just went to new GP and signed up, everything was taken from there by them. Pregnancy is a time above all other we need reassurance and confidence in our healthcare provider, do what's right for you. Good luck with it.
Polly38 Posts: 6
Hi streaks, thanks a mill for the words of encouragement!! Bit the bullet yesterday and jumped ship and I'm delighted with my self! It was the right decision, new GP could not have been nicer, no rushing the appointment and had a great chat!! Thanks for your advice!