Public or private in Drogheda? Advice needed!

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Hugz Posts: 410
Hi Its my first time. Delighted at BFP. Went to docs today and she confirmed pregnancy said line was faint but defo there. ...... so early days. Is it bad that line was faint? Im 6 wks by her dates and 5 wks by my own. Any recommendations on public or private in Drogheda? Thanks
bride22 Posts: 359
Most def Private if u can afford it with Dr Milner. If not u will not see her unless there is a problem but i think she is excellant.
Vamps Posts: 45
I was public in Drogheda and couldn't praise the staff enough. Midwives, doctors, nurses all were great. Facilities and care were excellent also.
mrsroo Posts: 537
would you consider MLU in drogheda, the service is fantasic, dp/dh's very welcome and a bed even provided for them during your stay.
May09Mammy Posts: 67
hi there I just had DS in drogheda 8 weeks ago and I was private. I paid my consultant €3000 and went into labour the weekend he was on holidays O:| . Dr Milner delivered my baby and I found her fine. If I was to do it again I would go private again, especially for appointments with the doctors during the pregnancy. There is no guarantee that your consultant will be there at the birth however. One thing I can promise is that you will be well looked after in the hospital becuase the staff are fantastic. I had the most amazing midwives and then the nurses who looked after me and DS for 5 days were brilliant. Congrats on your BFP - it really is an amazing time in your life. If you have any other q's about the hospital PM me and I will gladly help. Take care :wv
Yoda Posts: 3340
I went private but public is very good in OLOL specially the MLU
baby09 Posts: 55
Hi girls. I just got my BFP and i am thrilled, I am just wondering whether to go private of public in Drogheda..Is there a huge difference. any advice on consultants.. my doc recommended a Dr. Akpan, has anyone attended him..
taraxx Posts: 79
I am going private in OLOL, am with Dr Harkin and all is great so far. I know you are not guaranteed the private room or that the consultant would be there but as it is my first time, the lack of waiting time and assurances from her etc make it worth the money..Also, she has her own scanner so you get a scan on every visit. Only have to go to OLOL for the big scan which is great. I have heard great things also about Dr Milner and Dr Akpan.
squeeb Posts: 112
Hi baby09,Im going private with Dr Akpan.I havent met him yet but have a scan in two weeks.Dr Harkin is totally booked up for May already so didnt get her!
baby09 Posts: 55
Thanks Taraxx and Squeeb, Dr. Akpans office just rang me to schedule me in for a scan at the beginning of November.. squeeb would love to know how you get on if you wouldnt mind...