Q Sleeping - For thoes having had a c section

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marriedinmay Posts: 578
Hello, I was wondering if i could get your advice? I have a cot bed in the nursey, this won't fit into my room because our bedroom is too small. I have got a moses basket that I though would do until baby went into own room and cot bed. I am thinking do you think it would be better to have a crib in our bedroom and keep the moses basket down stairs for naps during the day? My sister has a crib, I would just need to buy a new mattress. So confused, I know I may be sore so thought that it might be better rather than carring moses basket up and down the stairs. Will the :stork: :zzzz: :duh: baby get un settled by having too many places to sleep?
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi married in may. i had a section, and i have a cotbed in the nursery ... as yet my lo has not used that. but think i might start doing some of the day naps in it next week. we have a carrycot with our pram, so thats what we use during the day and then we have a crib in our bedroom and at no stage has our lo had a problem moving from one to the other. in fact we were in my parents house at the weekend and she slept in a cot that my mam has had for nearly 20 years. so i'd say, go with the crib in your room and the moses basket downstairs, till you recover from the section. you won't feel like hiking up and down the stairs after the section for quite a few weeks. lots of luck ... not long now for you!