Query on Aisle Runners

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MrsW2010 Posts: 348
Hi Girls, I need some advice, how practical are Aisle runners in the church and if I decide to go ahead with them does anyone know much they cost? I'm not having too much fuss in the church, I have floor lanterns that will be along the aisle and in between I am having simple pew ends of baby's breath and ivy so I was wondering would an aisle runner dress it up a bit more for me? My mum said her only worry was everyone coming in before me would make it dirty and my h2b said he'd be worried I'd trip on it on my way down the aisle. Thats all i want :o0, I am a little bit of a clutz.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
My friend had one recently and I have to say it was fab. Would I have had it though? No I dont think I would have. She had a lady come to the church to do candles. What this lady did for her was she kinda cordoned off the aisle and directed every one into the seats the other side if you get me. Then when the bridal party were ready to go she took off the rope. It was fab and most noticed it and commented on it but what would turn me off is the fact that they have no were to put it now! I will PM you the price :wv
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Personally, I think the fabric ones are treacherous but we're having a carpet one, which I think will be fine. Otherwise I would be worried about it being a trip hazard.
aoife15 Posts: 41
Im hiring one from a lady. Shes fab, wont let anyone one it before the bridal party. sweeps and cleans the outside of church again just to be sure. has water for all the bridal party incase and looks after you. If you want her details pm me. She s based in Dublin and is a perfectionist but you want every perfect :xox :xox
sonopotere Posts: 1124
Could someone PM me details? however my church is very narrow so dont think people going either side of it would be possible. People would have to walk on it first. Ya can buy ones for about 60quid. I dunno whether to get a white or blue one (blue is my BM dress color). Blue could contrast my dress nicely, but might also make the church very dark? What dja think?
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
there is a web sire also that does personalized ones weddingrunner.com Fumoir
sonopotere Posts: 1124
very expensive though!
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
well not if you have it as an entrance- guess if you ahve a long aisle it might be :-)
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Just tried to open that wedding runner.com and it told me there was a virus present!!! Just a warning :wv