question about lifting things

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
how heavy is too heavy? can you lift something like a box of paper (you know, with like 4/5 reams of paper in it) ?????
Sophia Posts: 117
Not sure to be honest what would be the max that you can lift, but if possible try to avoid lifting anything that you find heavy at all. That said my little fella is about 24Ibs now and I'm lifting him up and down all day everyday!! Don't know how that will work when my bump gets bigger than it already is!!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I used to always be one to lift more than I should anyway, tried to prove I was just as good as a man to move things around. But early in the pregnancy, I had a scare with a low placenta and had spotting for a week, so was advised to take things very easy. Since then, I have rethought things and now ask the boss to lift anything heavy for me in work. For a box of paper, instead of lifting the whole box, I now open it and move two reams at a time. I am finding my back is a bit weaker as well.