Question for mammies: mucous plug

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Crostini Posts: 1105
for those of you who noticed it go, what did it look like? :-8 how long did it go before labor started?
jen09 Posts: 1390
Ok this might be a TMI for some; for an hr before mine went I had really bad period like cramps & on visit to loo there was blood streaked mucus when I wiped, this came & went all day long in various amounts. I had twinges all day long & went into labour (pains 4-5mins apart) at 12.30am, so approx 15hrs later - so mucus plug went day after due date.
love struck Posts: 1125
firstfor us I had a show on the Sunday on the Monday had little movment from babs so had to go in, to go on a trace.... I mentioned the show and the midwife said some people have that maybe up to 2 weeks befor actually going into labor.. I was only of the lucky ones and the next Morning had another show and a few hours later my LO arrived..
Crostini Posts: 1105
thanks ladies! was reading up and for some people they report it is just mucous and others report it as being shaped like tampon! just wanted to see the general consensus >:o)
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Ok, sorry if TMI! :-8 On Tuesday morning I had a bit jelly like blob in my knickers, more on the toilet paper when I wiped & a bit in the toilet. It was a greeny colour - no blood. I had bad back pain all that week & then on Sun morning, I noticed a smaller amount in my knickers & this had streaks of blood in it. I was getting contractions then & had babs early hours Monday morning! :wv
Delish Posts: 4176
bloody, yellow/clear thick snot
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Mine was really fast. Went to the loo and wiped lots of bloody mucous... and you know yourself its your worst nightmare to wipe blood when your pregnant.... took me a few secs to stop panicking and realised that this was it! Couple of mins after that had 3 doses of the runs and within 5 mins mild cramps started.
mummytime Posts: 3149
clear and thick. a lot of this came out a week after my due date . nothing happened and then another lot came out when i was 10 days over and labour started a few hours later. it was never bloody.