Questions for those who got BFP after IUI...

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Girls, just looking for some advice please could you answer the following, I'm hoping I don't have to go down this route but this thread might help others also xx How many attempts did it take: How long had you being trying before that: Did you tell many people about IUI: What Clinic did you use / would you recommend: Thanks so much girls xxxxxx L
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Hi lovethesite As u can see by my ticker i am almost 30wks pregnant so i am an IUI success story. We were v lucky and i got pregnant on my 1st IUI. I was almost a year and half TTC when i got my BFP...i had my IUI in March on Paddys day and it was coming up to a year and half when i finally got my BFP...Before IUI i had a HSG xray to make sure there were no problems with my tubes and i was on Clomid for 3 mths. My 1st IUI was cancelled as i got a cyst on my Ov from the Clomid and then the next Cy i was allowed to go ahead. If u are "Unexplained Infertility" then i would defo reccommened doing an IUI...i would do it all again in a heartbeat if i had too...apart from the injections which my OH done for me its just like getting a smear really... U will have a pre period scan then follicle tracking scans done all internal...u will get v used to them v quickly and they really are nothing to worry about...once u have a nice juicy folly u will trigger nad IUI is normally done exactly 36 hrs after trigger shot...Mine was obviousy bang on time as i concieved!!! I went to the Hari in the Rotunda and i if u would like any info on prices i paid just PM me id be happy to fill u in. I told my close friends and family about my IUI so it is hard to keep ur BFP a secret if u want to as people want to know how ur doing all the time but i wasnt hiding our problems from friends i found it really good to talk about it to friends and you,d b surprised how many people have gone thru all this... There is a support thread over on TTC for IUI its v quiet at mo but ifu have time i would try reading it from the start it will give u a good insite as to how IUI has been for Diff people. Best of luck with ur decision and ask me anything u need too id be happy to help x
lovethesite Posts: 1054
oh thanks so much for your reply hun. My problem really is that I'm about an hour from closest hospital (Tralee) and 2 hours from Cork so all these scans will be very difficult with work etc. Am 7dpo now,please God I wont need one and will get my BFP in a few days although not hopeful at all!! :o(