Quinny q - do you actually use the carrycot and footmuff?

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Bulmers Posts: 1281
Hi all, DH and I ordered our Quinny travel system from Mothercare yesterday. We had planned on the Silver Cross Linear Freeway, but the car seat wouldn't fit in the car (seatbelt was too short). So, we went for the Quinny, but I hadn't really researched it out in too much detail. Anyway, we have the buggy, shopping basket, car seat base and car seat in Mothercare. The shop assistant mentioned the foot muff to me, but as baby is due in July, she said I wouldn't need it till later in the year. I didn't know a carrycot existed for it till I got home. Are they actually worth buying? It looks as if you use both for only a short space of time, and they are quite expensive for the time you get out of them. My parents said they'd treat us to the buggy, but I'm obviously not proposing to stick them with another couple of hundred quid for the extras. So, any help or feedback appreciated. Cheers. BTW, my parents were in their local mothercare to buy a cot mattress. Dad was apparently mesmerised at all the buggies they have on offer now. The double buggy Mum used for myself and the brother looks like something any self respecting doll wouldn't get into now!
RJR Posts: 962
HI, I got the carrycot for my quinny but I wouldn't bother again TBH, DD was only in it for three months. I used a babybjorn harness for most of the three months whenever we were out, so I think she actually went in the carrycot less than 10 times! I didn't buy the footmuff but I definitely will next time. DD was born in June and by September / October when she was in the normal quinny buggy attachment she needed the footmuff. I used blankets, but they're not as secure and she always seemed to kick them off. The other thing is she had reflux and got sick a lot and I always seemed to be sponging down the buggy with antibacterial stuff, whereas with the footmuff you can just wash the whole thing and your buggy stays pristine underneath it. One bit of advice on the Quinny, if you can, pop into a halfords or somewhere that sells bikes and get a puncture repair kit. They're only a couple of quid and they're good to have handy - one of my wheels was constantly getting a puncture until I bought a replacement inner tube for it.
shobie Posts: 1437
I never it bothered with the carrycot so cant comment but def dont feel I was missing anything. As for the footmuff, I did buy it and find it great. DD was born in June and I still use it now. Its great, lovely and cosy for them & should last a few years as its quite long & the pram is designed to last till age 3/4.
maisedon Posts: 1394
I love the carrycot!!!! I put it in the back of the car when we are going anywhere and use it practically all the time! DD is so comfortable in it when we are out and she sleeps so soundly, much better than if I just left her in the car seat. I also put her in it in our kitchen sometimes when I have a lot to do, and she has a very cosy nap in it. She's not quite 8 weeks old yet, but I feel we have already got our moneys worth out of it!!! *) edited to add that I haven't used the footmuff at all yet, although hopefully I will with the buggy when the weather gets a bit colder....
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
I used the carrycot alot also, and wouldn't have done without it. Kayleigh had her naps during the day in the carrycot, it was great. Would also definitely recommend the footmuff.
Bulmers Posts: 1281
Thanks girls, I appreciate the input.
Toots12 Posts: 894
our DD was premature and really tiny (2lbs), so we got a lot of extra usage out of the carrycot. I'd still go for it again though as it's fab for naps downstairs, instead of hauling the moses basket/crib everywhere. Also, it's better for little babies to lie completely flat for the first months, to help spinal development, and even though the stroller is suitable from birth, I was more comfortable with DD lying flatter in the carrycot. I'd also get the footmuff, as our summers aren't exactly warm!!! It can be used right up till your LO is much older anyway, so you'll defo get at least one full winter out of it, if not two.
Bridget Posts: 539
I'm getting a carrycot & car seat from sis in law for the first few months, then I will buy a pram/buggy for baby. I didn't know this, but for the first 3 mos, baby should be kept flat at all times. Baby can only be put upright (i.e. in a car seat) for 3 hrs or less a day. I love going for walks & to the shopping centre. I was calculating that if I brought baby in the car (half hour to town & half hour home again), we would only barely get 2 hrs in the shops/having lunch etc before I would have to rush home again (to ensure we stay inside the 3 hrs) It depends on if you plan to go out & about much over the first few months. If you are close to town/walks, you may not need a carrycot. However, if you are a distance from town/meeting friends, it is ideal to have baby travel in the car in a carrycot.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Girls those of you who used the carrycot for babs to nap in what kind of bedding did you get? Someone was telling me about some type of protector? I need you to be very exact here btw-im pretty clueless when it comes to bedding and blankets :-8
Toots12 Posts: 894
We didn't use any special protector for naps in the carrycot - the Quinny one comes with a fleece blanket that we laid on the bottom of the carrycot, so its a nice soft base for baby to snooze in. TBH, baby only slept for no more than 2 hours at a time in there, so it's fine to leave them with just a blanket over the. The only time you might need a special mattress etc for it would be if baby was sleeping overnight in it. HTH!