Real Contractions V Braxton Hicks?

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gingernutter Posts: 1356
I've been having Braxton hicks contractions since about week 20. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and am getting them alot more frequently- had about 6 in the space of an hour earlier tonight. Just wondering how will i know when i'm in real labour as opposed to just having BH contractions? my BH contractions are quite high up- kinda under my ribs and my tummy goes rock hard on one side and sticks out in a funny cone shape! are real contractions alot lower down in the pelvic area? does the bump go hard like with BH's?
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
They say if you have more than 4 in an hour you should get it checked out. Yes bump goes rock hard with real contractions, maybe you could ring your labour ward and chat to a midwife, they'll be able to tell you what to do. They could put a trace on you to see if they are real contractions or not if you were told to go in.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I was the same as yourself, got the BH early on in pregnancy and got them alot more frequent by the end (they felt like i was getting them every few mins to be honest but i didnt really get any pain with them), when my contractions did start they were very strong and painful and they were lower down in the abdomen. If your not sure I would give the hospital a call as dancing queen suggested. hope all is ok.
gingernutter Posts: 1356
Thanks Girls, i'm not too worried tbh but was just wondering would i know when i get the real deal! MrsMesser how many weeks preg were you when u eventually went in to real labour? i'd love if these BH contractions meant that labour could be sooner rather than later!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
ah i was 40+4....sorry!! :) . I definitely new the difference, they were much stronger my bh didnt feel bad at all just tight but when i look back the night i went into labour i got them very frequently (i use to get a few a day from early on) and they were little sore but werent contractions. my contractions started with a great big one then waters went a little a minute or two later, then about 10mins later they went completely. Keep an eye on them and make sure to get plenty of rest i miss my sleep!!! :o0 :o0 best of luck
OAT Posts: 2207
I'm in the same boat only I could have them for hours on end, some have brought me to tears even. I was the same on my last pregnancy. I found whenever I though ''Is this it?'' it never was :o0 It was only when I did go into labour and I remember saying to my Mum and the midwife I can't believe I ever mistook BH for real contractions'' :-8