Really nervous parting with deposit....

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msb Posts: 399
Hi alll, Going to hotel today to pay deposit, feel really nervous parting with the money just with all the horror stories going around. They want 3k as a deposit, thats a lot in my opinion, and won't budge on the amount. Thing is we really like this hotel and are afraid that the date will be taken if we don't cough up! I'm going to try and haggle as I feel that once you have paid, you have lost some power with regard to prices.... Is is true that if you pay with C.Card that you have some form of protection with regard to hotel going out of business (god forbid).....? Thanks in advance!
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
If you feel that nervous you could take out wedding insurance, I think it costs about €150-€200 but you'll have to check that. €3k does seem like an awful lot to pay but I suppose the hotel are just trying to cover themselves in case you cancel.
msb Posts: 399
Thanks for that, might look into that today, would be peace of mind in the current climate..
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
hi msb yes your best bet is to pay by credit card - in the event of the hotel closing the credit card company can go after the hotel for your deposit back under the breach of contract rules - they call it Charge Back - hth :wv
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Just check that the hotel will take a credit card as payment, I know ours would only accept the deposit in the form of a bankers draft or cheque.....or cash of course! ;o(
cream09 Posts: 31
Hi MSB When is your wedding? I would def not part with any cash more than 3 months ahead right now. If it's next year, def hold fire as you do not know what could happen. Second, run a financial check on Dun & Bradstreet or Experian. It may cost you about £35 but totally worth it. Believe me I know. I paid €10,000 deposit for Kinnitty Castle and look what's happened there! Have still not got it back. Third - get wedding insurance AND PAY BY CREDIT CARD. It will pay to be really vigilant. I wish I had been! I booked a year ago for a wedding this May.. Good luck :thnk
abouttimebride Posts: 368
I feel your pain. I'm also in same boat. Deposit of 3500 being looked for which is just too much with hotels going out of business and the date not til next year. Will definately be taking out wedding insurance no matter where I book.
msb Posts: 399
Hi, Thanks to all of ye for all of the advice, and thanks cream09 for the suggestion, I contacted one of the above mentioned companies and they were helpful with their information, I will definitely look into wedding insurance and we will definitely pay with credit card, spoke with hotel and they are willing to take part of deposit now and hold off for few months for rest of deposit. Its definitely woth asking is they will take less just to hold the date..... Feel a bit better now!! :wv
msb Posts: 399
Oh and meant to say to cream09, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you, I really hope that you get sorted with lost deposit, I hope you have found somewhere else to have your wedding, best of luck and thanks for your sound advice :wv
Mark1984 Posts: 36
We are seriously looking at a mid-week Wedding now, and booking just a couple of months ahead too. Agree with the credit card payment and Insurance is now a must.