Really sharp pain in bump - 34 weeks - So uncomfortable :(

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paperclips Posts: 3146
Hi Girls, I got this pain in the LHS of bump on Friday night. I thought it was a really strong Braxton Hick. Up until then, I have been experiencing pain free BH's and thought that this was the start of a "real" BH. It seem to last for ages,really sharp stabbing pain on the LHS, but once I went to bed and lied down, pain eased and I went off to sleep. I got up a couple of times to go to the toilet and the pain was there. Went away when I lied down and went back to sleep Got up Sat morning, pain still there. I thought maybe baby had a foot stuck in rib or something! Was walking around rubbing the area thinking that I could encourage what I thought was baby's foot to move and I heard a POP. Pain went away for about 20 seconds, and came back twice as bad. I cant sit, stand, bend, kneel, cough, laugh or do anything comfortably. Getting in and out of the jeep this morning was torture, there were tears! I couldn't put my socks on so I have two purple feet today. The only time I have some ease is when I'm lying in bed. I can sleep on my LHS and it doesn't seem to bother me. Its just when I have to do anything at all that I'm in a lot of pain. It feels like I'm being stabbed (not that I've ever been stabbed before but this is what I imagine it to feel like) Baby seems fine. Plenty movement. I have an appointment with GP on Wed but if anyone could shed some light on this before then I'd be so grateful. In my head I think I have a broken rib. Thanks :thnk
bellabear1 Posts: 211
Hi Paperclips, A cracked rib is the first thing I thought of before i got to the end of your post. Could you ring your Gp and tell them you are in pain and could you bring your wednesday appointment forward a couple of days. I did this with a uti last week and it wasn't an issue. Either that or rind the hospital midwife for advice, they may ask you to come in for a check, you shouldn't really be in that level of pain even for a couple of days you poor thing. Hope you get it sorted soon, BB XX