Really worried- could I have damaged my baby?

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momjune Posts: 2
Hi all, Am still in the early weeks of pregnancy- week eight at the moment and been struggling with morning sickness- so far I have made myself sick about ten times- these are times where I am wretching and feel like throwing up but I can't actually do it without making myself sick- I am not bulimic or anything just not really able to get sick- I didn't think it made any difference how you threw up but now I am worried that this might cause a miscarriage or stunt the baby's growth- feeling very guilty and stupid- anyone done this and it has been ok? Very grateful for any advice xxx
tilsun Posts: 4506
Momjune I cannot imagine how that would hurt your baby. They are so well protected and evolution has made it that they get everything they need even when you're not able to keep anything down. It sounds like you're having an awful time, have you chatted to your doctor?
streaks Posts: 3592
No need to worry momjune, making yourself sick won't have done any harm to babs at all, baby acts like a parasite and takes everything they need regardless of what you need. Vomitting won't affect your baby too badly just try to keep yourself hydrated as you could end up in hosp if you get dehydrated. If your very sick, they can prescribe you cariban which will ease the symptoms and vomitting. It's a very mild antihistamine and vit b6. My doc said there is 10 years of research behind it so it's very safe. You poor thing. The sickness is so debilitating. I hope it passes soon. Cope how you can and don't best yourself up over this. Babs is happy out in there in its jacuzzi. Mind yourself.
mamasarus Posts: 831
Oh you poor thing, the morning sickness is an awful feeling. Don't worry you little baby is well protected in there. I know that feeling only too well of just needing to get sick. Hope it passes soon for you. And as Streaks said, try stay hydrated.
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Won't have the slightest affect on baby once you don't get dehydrated
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Can you keep liquids down? If the sickness persists, you risk dehydration. Your GP can do a urine test to check the severity of it. Hopefully it'll subside soon, but do get it checked if it doesn't ease.
momjune Posts: 2
Thanks for the responses guys- big relief to read them- am prob not rational when this sick! Watching the dehydration and keeping some fluids down so just have to hang in there. It's been bad morning sickness since end of week 5/ week 6- from reading it seems to generally end week 12-16- anyone know is mine likely to end earlier (like week 12) because it started earlier?!!! Hope so !!!!!! ;)
mamasarus Posts: 831
Think it differs from person to person. Hope yours goes early. God mine was so awful, even the smell of shower gel would make me sick... How many weeks are you ?
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
It's fine, I vomited about eight times a day until week 26 or so (not voluntarily mind you), baby was/is absolutely fine. As others have said keep yourself as hydrated as possible.