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sookiesue Posts: 4
hi girls Would really like ur help as dont know many people with experience to ask advise. Thinking of going private in the rotunda and considering 2 female consultants- Dr Geraldine Connolly or Dr Carole Barry Kinsella. Anyone recommend either? Also am very nervous so i am hoping that by going private it will help relax me by building relationship with consultant and confidence in my care. did u feel ur exp going private was good and worth it? Thanks in advance
purplemammy Posts: 31
Hi sookiesue, I went with Dr. Connolly 3 years ago when I had my little man, she is lovely, would defo recommend her, she always made me feel v relaxed and at ease when i had my appointments. Going semi private this time round as funds are tighter these days. Best of luck :thnk
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I am private in the Rotunda but not with either of the above. My own GP recommended 3 consultants for me to try though and Carole Barry-Kinsella was one of the three if that is any help to you. For my own part, I am with Mary Holohan. Some can find her manner a bit "efficient" lets say....When one of the midwives asked me in conversation who I was with in the private clinic, she said she's an efficient lady but you are not looking for a friend, you are looking for a good doctor. My priorities exactly! That can be her manner from time to time but she has a very good reputation. And I have to say I have found her overall very pleasant, describes everything she is doing and does inspire confidence. She does have an air of efficiency that some may find offputting but once you know to expect it and it's certainly nothing personal it doesn't take from her as a good practitioner and I have gone to her on the recommendations of a few different mums.
sookiesue Posts: 4
thanks so much for your comments and opinions so far any more would be appreciated
Hi sookiesue, I am a current patient of Dr.Carole Barrry Kinsella & have been attending her since 2008 . My first appointment was back in Nov 08, Dr.CBK diagnoised my endometrosis , then shortly in Dec 08 She prefomed my first laperscopy . I finally got pregnant in Dec 09 but in March '10 we got devestating news about the pregnancy & lost the baby at 13 weeks , It was a very hard time... & knowing it was a struggle to get pregnant did'nt help. So again in Sept 10 i had my second laperscopy with Dr.CBK it was reccommed by her as it would increase my change to concieve again . To our delight i became pregnant in Jan 11 .I am currenyly 34 weeks pregnant & its gonig well , :o)ll I've had approx 8 scans so far with Dr.CBK , she checks my blood pressure & urine each visit aswell Personally i find her excellent , the decision she made & took for me could'nt of been better . She is very understanding , either if its good or bad news & will explain everything in detail . I can highly recommed her . We have had a difficult few years tying to have a baby , but having a good Consultant really helped Hope you get on well with who ever you decide :wv
sookiesue Posts: 4
Summer bride sorry it has been a difficult journey for you. I am delighted things are working out so well for u now.thanks for your advice.
pinky winky Posts: 564
This is my first baby and I am with Dr Connolly. She was recommended to me by loads of people and her manner is just lovely. She seems to be very busy as every appointment I have had with her there are always lots of other people waiting to see her, which to me is a good sign. I was really sick for the first few months and she was so helpful. She doesn't go into huge depth explaining things her approach is if you need to worry about something she will tell you, sometimes for I would like further details but I guess that is more my problem for not asking more questions! Also it was reassuring when she told me generally she prefers her patients not to go more than 7 days over their due date. Best of luck and congratulations :thnk