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StarryEyes Posts: 18
Hi, Im TTC no. 2 and trying to decide whether to start saving for hospital fees or go public. I went public in the Rotunda on no. 1 and had a stressful birth which ended in an emergency c-section. I cannot fault the doctors and midwives, they were wonderful but wonder would I get attention and pain relief quicker than I did, if I was semi or private. As I am higher risk to have another c section, I was hoping to be in a semi-private room also. What guarantee do I have of getting a semi-private bed at the moment? I know there is a bit of a baby boom! Also, how long is the waiting list for 1st appointment in public? Thanks!
pag Posts: 633
It is completely impossible to work out if you would get a semi-private bed as it depends on the day/night. There is absolutely no guarantee at all. I phoned Rotunda public at 5 weeks and got appointment for 12weeks which they cancelled due to error. I got new appointment for 13 weeks! I believe the policy in Rotunda is to try to get you in as near to 12 weeks as possible.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I'm public and rang at 5 weeks and got 1st scan at 12 weeks and next scan is at 21 weeks. I wouldnt pay the fee's to go private. they still give you the same level of care in public, you might just get a nicer room if you go private. I went public on DS too and was well looked after and home within 24 hours which is what I wanted. If you are in an area that does domino I would highly recommend it!