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March Baby Posts: 89
Hi guys, This is really silly, but it's my 1st time so I worry about everything! We had our scan last week, all is great and we are getting our little man, which is great! They are doing a second scan as his stomach was not full, any idea if this could be a problem? I asked should I worry and I was told no, but then I think, if I am not to worry, why are they doing a second scan?
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Don't know, March Baby.. but could it be because they didn't get a good view of it? Sometimes people are called back for second scans because they just couldn't see enough on the first one to give the all clear e.g. maybe there was a shadow because of how baby was lying or as you said because his stomach wasn't full?
March Baby Posts: 89
They said that his stomach was not full and she did not have time to wait. Oh roll on four weeks time for my repeat scan!
prunella09 Posts: 395
March Baby I don't what she was referring to but I would guess if it was anything serious she would a) explain it to you and b) have you back next week not in four weeks. Don't worry too much
March Baby Posts: 89
Thanks prunella09, suppose if it was anything to worry about she would have me back earlier!
micksmrs Posts: 931
This happened to someone I know only they could not see the stomach sack at all on the scan! As it happened when she went back for the second scan all was perfect thankfully. She did ask however what the situation would be if there was a problem, she was told that a simple operaiton when the baby was born would sort it out. Now the op would need to be done in The Children's Hospital but this was a worst case senario. The Consultant and Radiographer both said that more than likely they just couldn't see enough on the day that they scanned her, that the baby had just emptied it's tummy or there might have been a number of reasons (nothing to indicate a problem) that they couldnt see it. As I said when she went back for the second scan all was perfect. Hopefully when you go back everythig will be as it should be and the baby will be perfect.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I wouldn't worry for now - all will probably become clear on the next scan... I had to have 4 structural scans completed before I got the sign off :eek :eek baby was never lying in the correct position and on one occasion the baby's bladder was empty and they needed to see it was working... on another they couldn't se the stomach and needed to check for hernia (I have a shy baby who was curled up for all the scans :o0 ) HTH
charliesangel Posts: 2106
im the same had my scan have to go back as ahe couldnt see baby heart properly or its spine trying not to worry but just cant help it im back on 8th of march
March Baby Posts: 89
God micksmrs, that's a worry! It was the fact that his stomach was not full, they did not mention the sack, so fingers crossed all will be okay. I have to wait until 18th Dec, but I am seeing my GP next week. Will mention it to her and if it's something that could be a problem I will get booked in asap. Thanks to the others, fingers crossed all will be fine. Just can't wait to have my little man in my arms, being pregnant is such a worry!
The Contented Little Mummy Posts: 600
I think they are always extra careful. We have to go back for a repeat scan on the 9th Dec to check one of bubs kidneys. The midwife told us that some people wouldnt bother to bring us back but they just like to be extra careful. But of course, like yourself we worry dont we :xox . Try and relax as much as you can, I am sure if there was something to worry about they would have already referred you onto the relevent Dr etc Lots of hugs :thnk