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bonzo Posts: 54
Girls, I had a scan last week with my Consultant, Im now 26 weeks. I asked her beforehand would the scan be able to detect any abnormalities. She said her particular scanner wouldn't, its more for measurements, heartbeat etc. but if she had an incling that something might be wrong she would refer me on to the hospital for a more indepth scan. Anyways, she said everything looks fine, but still of course Im left wondering now that there could still be something wrong with babs and I wont find out about it till after the birth, whereas a more indepth scanner would have been able to detect something early on. Anyone else feeling like this or am I just a complete worrier??
Jeidi Posts: 3128
well I see where you are coming from. Isnt one of the major differences between private and public the prenatal care? Could you ask for a referral?
jarashow Posts: 3083
Sounds a bit odd bonzo. I thought everyone got an anomolies scan at about 21 weeks or so. I am private and get a mini scan at each appt, but also get the standard anomolies scan in Holles Street which everyone pays for regardless of what option you have chosen. What hospital are you attending?
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
My sil is going private and she wasn't offered the big 20 week scan i also thought it went without saying that everyone had to get this?
Mrs Aol Posts: 292
I know with my consultant i had my abnormality scan at 20wks and every other appt i have a mini scan just to check measurments / weight of baby. What consultant are you with, for what you are paying you should definitely have this done as part of your referral....
bonzo Posts: 54
I am attending Cathy Casey and having babs in Limerick Maternity. I thought that this might be a bit odd alright. She only seems do to the mini scan at each visit and never mentioned anything to me about doing a big scan. I assumed as you are paying so much to go private everything would be a lot more indepth. Is anyone else the same who is attending a private consultant??
mags s Posts: 591
hiya...i am with mark skehan in limerick ( same building as cathy casey ) and i just assumed the scan i got done at 18+ weeks was the 'big' scan everyone was talking about. it seemed to last longer than the previous one so i though nothing more of it until now. i am worried now that things could still be wrong and we dont know about it...
bonzo Posts: 54
The scan I got with Cathy Casey last week only lasted a few minutes and I wont have another scan for 6 weeks. She pointed out the head, took measurements and same with the spine. I dunno, even though it was a quick 2D scan Im sure these Consultants are well trained to spot something that doesn't seem right, do ye think???
mags s Posts: 591
i am not too sure bonzo....if the equiment they are using is only for a quick checkup and measure then maybe more subtle things are going unnoticed...feeling worried now...and i dont want to ring the secretary in case she confirms this and i wil be worrying twice as much !!
Rocky Posts: 465
In limerick, its different than the Dublin hospitals. Im public there and the first scan you have is between 12-18weeks -this is your anomoly scan, and is done in the hospital (think private patients also go there at this time, for this). Then i go to the GP in between and go back to hospital for visits (after my first visit - i went to GP at 4ws and 8 wks after, then at 10weeks after its back to hospital) but I dont get any scans until 31weeks -this is 2nd anolomy scan. If all is well then I wont have any more after this. As far as im aware, if you are a private patient, your hospital visits are to the consultants rooms rather than the maternity and you get mini scans at each visit. You will aslo get the 31 week scan in the hospital.This is my experience in limerick anyway nearly sure this is the way it is Rocky