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redroses Posts: 714
Provisionally booked these guys without seeing them yet,going to see them in may, but just wondering do they play a good mix of everything, you know waltzs, pop/rock/slow sets to keep the young and old crowd happy. also h2b is a big acdc fan as are his friends and also wondering would the lads be albe pull off an acdc set.... so anyone that has seen them play, what do ye think? any opinions welcomed please?I really want to get the flippin band right!
SYD Posts: 87
Hi RedRoses.. Saw them at a wedding a couple of years ago - were really excellent & were our first choice in a wedding band TBH - play a great mix to suit everyone ... as luck would have it they didn't have our date but Sean was so helpful in recommending another band to us that I nearly changed the date on the head of it! Lovely guy to deal with. Best of luck :wv
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks for that syd
nov2009 Posts: 63
Hi, I went to see him Friday night, (24/04/09), and both he and the band were brilliant. He is an amazing singer and performer. Defo booking him tomorrow! You won't be disappointed with him. Hope this helps O-O
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks Nov2009, good to know Sounds goods, im going to see him and the band fri! cant wait now O-O
nov2009 Posts: 63
Hi Redroses, Just wondering where Sean is playing on Friday night if you don't mind me asking? We booked him today but would love to see him again! Cheers, O-O
redroses Posts: 714
He is playing at a wedding in the ardilaun on friday night 1st may and told us to come along to listen to the band there.Hes in the Clayton on the 8th i think if that doesnt suit you.
nov2009 Posts: 63
Hi Redroses, Thanks for that, PM'd you earlier on. Cheers O-O
Nin1683 Posts: 24
O-O They are just fantastic. booked them for wedding next year. Sean is an excellent performer, loved them the minute i heard them. booked them straight away...delighted with them.