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ceewa Posts: 478
Does anyone know anything about selling shares? I have some that i want to sell but dont know where to go, I'm a BOI customer and they told me they don't have anything to do with selling shares so I'm a bit lost now. Preferably some where in Galway... thanks
bobbyjoe Posts: 395
are they boi investment shares? if so have you contacted them directly..there should be contact details on any correspondence you have or take a look at
ceewa Posts: 478
No they're not BOI shares I just knew that BOI used to sell shares for customers but when i rang them they told me they didnt anymore and wouldn't tell me how I could sell them now. someone in work told me to try goodbodys but they want me to open an account which is 26 euro for maintaineance and i would be paying over 30 euro in commision for a few hundred euros for a transaction, it seems a bit much to me for one transaction
Maggy Posts: 261
AIB recently sold shares for my Dad and he didn't have an AIB account. (He did open one though). Maybe try there?
ceewa Posts: 478
Sorry should have said I looked into AIB too but you need a share account which is through goodbodies and its all the same charges. thanks