September mums - how are ye all keeping?

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hiya all Was just wondering how you are all keeping these days – I am grand though am starting to feel tired but will not be long til I am off – I have a lot of annual leave to use so only really have 4 full weeks left of work – am not in another full week before I go on maternity which is great. I am finding it hard to sleep and then hard to get outta bed most mornings and have the odd bout of sicky stomach. Had an elevated blood pressure last week and protein in urine so had to go back and test again the next day but everything was fine thank god – not really sure why this happened though had a bit of a stressful time at work last week with a few incidents but am ok now. How are you all keeping – is the bump progressing nicely – everyone tells me I am neat for my dates but I am a big girl anyhow so prob hard to know!! Have put on 1 stone from week 13 to week 29 (weighed in hospital both times) so am happy with that…..have you bought all your stuff yet or packed your bag – I am planning to do that this weekend I think. look forward to hearing from you all
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi mrs maternal, all going well for me too. looking forward to my next clinic date which is this day 2 weeks. havent had hospital appointment since week 13 so seems so long ago. ive been to doctor in between though. my only problem at the moment seems to be loads of stretching pains during the day and tossing and turning at night. everything else going great. had a week off last week so bought our buggy for the babs. all other stuff sorted from friends and family. also got a good bit of stuff for the hospital bag but must finish off this, this weekend if possible. i know its early to do this but would rather be organised while ive got time to do it.
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi Mrs maternal, Doing fine thanks. Like you i'm starting to feel tired now and finding the journey to work difficult( i have a hour and half drive each way) my back and ribs get really sore sitting in the car. I've no annual leave to take between now and mat leave but was counting up today and really only have about 40 days in work left which seems like very little when you look at it like that. Anything to keep myself going!!! Your very organised getting your bag ready i haven't even started buying things for it yet. Was up in Holles St the night before last as babes wasn't moving for about a day and a half. They done featal heart tracings and a scan and all is fine thank god just having a lazy day i think. hope everyone else is doing well x
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi girls :wv I was at the hospital yesterday for my checkup. BP is very low, so that's why I was feeling overly tired and a bit light headed recently. And this morning was back there at 7.30am !!! for the GTT test for four hours. But apart from that all's well, and babs is doing fine. I'm going to start getting stuff now that the sales are starting. And I think we've decided on the iCandy cherry. I've only got 8 more weeks to work, can't believe how quickly the time is going. Mrs Mat I'm jealous of you finishing in four weeks! Glad to hear your BP is better though. I've bought little things for my bag, but probably won't pack till 34-35 weeks though. Girls I hope the weather is better for us in August and in September when we can walk out with our babies. It can't be worse than at the moment in any case. Where are all the other Sept M2Bs then?? :thnk :xxx
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hi girls :wv I haven't been around much lately as work has been manic but I'm doing grand TG. Glad to hear you're all doing fine - it's lovely to read your updates. Had a scan last week at 28wks and the babies' combined weights are over 5 1/2 lbs so I'm definitely feeling it now! OB says I'm carrying the equivalent weight of a singleton at 33/34 wks :eek Really starting to slow down - think I need a crane to turn me over in bed *) Getting really excited about meeting the babies :o)ll and have finally given in to the buying. (BTW Smyths are starting their nursery sale tomorrow!) Seeing as this is week 30 and I may only get to wk 34 or 36, I guess it's time to start the preparations now. Got my nursing chair last weekend and this weekend the nursery furniture will arrive!! Time has absolutely flown by - isn't it great!!??? :o)ll
deem Posts: 710
i'm here too, but think I'll probably be october, I'v ages left in work, not intending to finish until september 14, two weeks prior to DD. I feel ok, but the more the baby moves around the more real it becomes, I think I'm starting to get a bit excited, and a lot scared now. I was at hospital at 14 weeks and going again next tuesday, it does seem ages in between, i was just three months then and am now almost six months. Other than the worry medically I'm fine, learning to cope with pain high on right side, (gp reckons liver) Hope everyone else is doing well.
madmam Posts: 1294
Hi Girls, Just thought I would keep this thread going, it has been idle for a while! Well, have bought the buggy and cot at this stage....and a few items of clothing.....a couple of pairs of teeny socks - so cute! I know this topic has been aired soooo much, but does anyone have a list of items you need for baba, like toiletries etc? I have lists for everything else but not this. And do you need to take all that stuff to the hospital? Am sooo clueless..... :ooh
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Good idea shorty. I think you'll find a list at the top of this page, Essentials I think it is. I'll have a look. I also have the Irish Pregnancy Book at home and they give you a list too, so I'll have a look tonight. I know you need baby gros and nappies and towel, going home baby outfit, not sure about the rest ! We also ordered our pram, and am now looking at cots. Want to buy a cot/bed as we should get more years out of it. Have bought little bits too but just hide them in the drawer for the moment. It's just not sinking in at all that we're having a baby :eek :eek Other than that I'm fine... leg cramps and heartburn and the usual stuff but nothing too bad :wv
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hi girls, my update is that we've bought our nursery furniture! Still all in boxes so no chance to admire it yet! I must say that Smyths were absolutely brill and great to deal with. I'm 30 wks today, so with twins, I've probably only got about 6 wks to go - there or thereabouts :eek I have to say it's absolutely flown by. Also started buying a few vests and sleepsuits - everything x 2. Most will tell you to avoid "newborn" sizes in sleepsuits as these only go up to 7 lbs or so - but considering that twins are lucky to be around 5lbs at birth, I decided to go with mostly newborn sleepsuits as I'd hate the babies to be all floppy in clothes that are just too big - babies like to be snug, I believe :lvs My own hosp bag is 80% complete - need to sort out a final few things this wknd. My only concern at this stage is the buggy - we've decided on the Jane powertwin and because it's a new version, it's quite slow coming into the Irish shops. Hopefully we can get that sorted in the next few weeks. So that's me gals! Hope you're all feeling well xxx
boobies Posts: 1625
Hi Girlies, Doing fine thank God! Bad heartburn alright but its manageable. Packed a few bits into my case last night. Bought jammies for me, towels, two bottles, bibs, hairbrush, little Dove set which I bought in Heatons it has mini shower gel, shampoo, soap, moisturiser. Have buggy and moses basket thats it for now. Just counting down the days I have left in work.... I beginning to detest this place