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turfcutter Posts: 259
Hi Gals, Has anyone on here ever shared church flowers with another wedding? The church just got in touch with us to ask us if we would share them with a wedding which is on the day before.. has anyone had any problems with this? Cheers!
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
There was a thread on this the other day. Think the concensus (sp?) on this was - only do it if you meet the other bride and are of a like mind on flowers. The thread I read everything seemed to end up very messy and one of the brides took over the flowers. The other bride pulled out and got her flowers at a discount - from the same florist! Think I would be reluctant to do it. Unless your colour scheme was similar and your flowers were similar - I wouldn't (just my opinion).
limklady Posts: 59
Another thing to think about is how well the flowers will keep. The first wedding could have a gang of kids invited and in my experience the run mad when they are in en enclosed space like a church so flowers could very well end up tattered and messy for your wedding
turfcutter Posts: 259
oh no, i dont like the sound of this! prob a silly question but would the flowers still be fresh after a day?
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
[quote:3dibzxl4] prob a silly question but would the flowers still be fresh after a day?[/quote:3dibzxl4] Flowers will stay fresh for over a week if they are treated properly. However, some do have a tendancy to wilt quicker than others. Gerberas and roses tend to drop first. Lilies and orchids will last the distance as will dahlia and chrysanthemums. Also some leaves can be a bit delicate. I was at a wedding on Saturday and by the night some of the leaves were drooping very badly in the table arrangements. HTH :wv