sick of expose daily Jedward storys...wasnt too long ago...

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rk16o Posts: 201
Oh my GAWD I love watching expose, but now every day this week the storys "coming up" are always included with somthing to do with the two muppets called jedward... My god like its not that long ago that they were as well as ireland am, were giving out about these two, saying it would be terrible if they got through to the live shows. Now it seems that everyone is jumpin on the bandwagon. I had to turn off expose and watched the NEWS instead cus i just cant bare the two clowns, i no alot of kids are proberly voting for them as you can see from clips from out side the "house" the contestants live in during the show but realistically isnt expose more of a womans show... fashion gossip etc... i dont mind something about them but NOT EVERY DAMN DAY.... sorry for the rant :wv
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
jedward has definitely gotten out of hand, as you say everyone is hopping on the bandwagon now ito have them as a piece of their entertainment news O:|
streaks Posts: 3592
Its a bit ridiculous alright! Doesnt make any sense, initially everyone hated them and now there is a big turn around! I really dont think its fair to see people being kicked out when they actually have talent! >:o(