Sinus operation-anyone have any experience of this?

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Kingston Design Posts: 895
My consultant has recommended that I have an operation the correct a deviated septum (involves breaking my nose and re-setting ;o( ), scraping away some of the lining of the sinuses and then enlarging my sinus cavities. I was fine with the idea of it and am booked in for the op, but now starting to have serious second thoughts. The more I say it to people, the more horror stories I'm hearing-for example a girl my sister knows, her aunt had it done and is now blind in one eye :eek Obviously in my line of work I can't risk having my eyesight compromised in [i:ev4up260]any[/i:ev4up260] way at all. Just wondering if any Wollies have personal experience of this kind of operation-all stories, good and bad welcomed! Thanks in advance!
Nutties Posts: 38
PM'd you!
Skippy Posts: 1834
I have no personal experience. But a friend I used to work with had her dad go through it. It is a last resort and as a sufferer of sinusitis it is one I would only do as a very last resort. It is very close to the brain in there, that scares me. Plus it is not always the answer. However you have had an accident (am I right?) so perhaps an operation as a result of that would yield a better result than an operation to help allergies and sinusitis. Whatever, I would be getting a 2nd and 3rd opinion before I woudl do anything like that. Except on days when I am very bad with it, on those days I'd do anything to feel better.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Hi we all suffer from this in my family-everytime i slightly bend over my nose drips like a running tap O:| My aunt got the operation done-she now snores worse than ever and hasn't helped her sinus pain at all!! Totally put me off getting it done. But everyone's different just giving you my experience!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Have to say i had it done and was the best thing i ever did, had constant sinus infections/headache ect prior to it, am 100% now. I had it done in the eye and ear hospital under Mr Burns :wv
Kingston Design Posts: 895
I'm now having serious doubts about this procedure! I've heard an anecdotal story of a woman going blind in one eye after having the surgery. Obviously no one wants to be blinded but in my line of work I kind of rely on my eyesight being perfect as I do a lot of fine, detailed work. I just don't think I can chance it at all. Plus my consultant says my sinusitus is allergy based so the surgery would only help to drain the sinus-not stop the infections in the first place. So confused as to what to do now :-8
Skippy Posts: 1834
Hi KD, I've cut out cows milk in my diet since xmas and found this to be a great help. I felt 75% better for it. I have also noticed that after I visit my chiropractor to adjust my lower back that my sinus feel much better! Chiropractor realign the whole body, which can have an effect on all the body obviously. Tomorrow I am off to see my Dr as I am pretty sure I have some sort of sinus infection at the moment, well for the last 4 weeks but I didn't do anything about it as Dr's are so bloddy slow now to prescripbe anti biotics I thought it best to wait. Anyway I am also going to ask about going for allergy testing. Maybe you can investigate this too? It's not just pollen and dust that cause allergies that result in sinus problems, dairy can be a problem too. Have you ever had ear candling done? I'm seriously considering it, although both an ENT surgeon and audiologist have told me it can cause more problems that fix, i'm pretty desperate at this stage! HTH>
Kingston Design Posts: 895
Skippy I don't really eat much dairy. I don't like milk at all so I don't even have it on cereal or in tea, don't each much cheese etc so my main source of dairy is probably chocolate :-8 I've also completely cut out red wine and orange juice and have hugely limited my beer intake to hardly anything at all. So in terms of my diet I think I've probably done as much as I possibly can. I love getting ear candling done and it does really relieve the pressure, but like most of these things I've tried, it only gives me relief for a couple of days, 5 max and then the symptoms return as bad as ever. I've also had courses of accupuncture and found the same-great relief for a while and then everything reverts back to normal ;o( I've had blood allergy tests done but they all came back clear. Have discussed more detailed allergy testing with both my GP and my consultant were dismissive of them and how accurate they actually were.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Hi Kingston, I'm a success story of having such a procedure. I had functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and a septoplasty and rhinoplasty all in one. I've not lost my sight!!! Although such procedures present risk it's between you and the doctor to decide if the "risk" is worth it. The best improvement was in my quality of life. I was very sick all the time with infection after infection after infection. Since the op then I've been on antibiotics twice for sinus infection (had the procedure in 2006) and before that I was averaging an infection 5 times a year!!! PM me at will with questions and I'll give you all the details!! edit - just to say that allergy tests are not at all useful in such instances as if you've an allergy, removing the cause or the irritant will not necessarily rectify the sinus issues!