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babybambino Posts: 940
Does anybody use these? My boobs feel heavy and uncomfortable at night so I thought a sleep bra might help. I'm usually a size 12 but do you think my pregnancy boobs would be more comfortable in a size 14? Also would the same size bra fit me post pregnancy when I'm breastfeeding at night?
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
Babybambino, I've been sleeping for most of my pregnancy in those tops with the secret support. M&S do them. I've found them more comfy than having a separate bra on (though I did try that for a while). I'm usually a 12/14 also so boobs aren't massive! I've bought the breastfeeding sleep bras from Mothercare for after the baby arrives cos I've no idea what size my boobs will be when I BF.
Daff Posts: 11644
With the BF you should get fitted after 38 weeks for the bra. This will get you through the first few weeks. Then you'll need to get fitted again once your supply is established. Then i found I needed another fitting about 6 months once my supply changed again after DD started solids.
seastar Posts: 120
I use the mothercare sleep bras - the ones I have are more like a bra top than a bra. I find them great. I got them in my pre-pregnancy dress size and they fit me fine, even in the early days of BF