Sleepsuits vs babygros

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Hellinhighheels Posts: 183
Okay, clueless here! I got 6 sleepsuits for the baby in Dunnes today - are these basically the same as babygros? Does the baby sleep in a sleepsuit and then you change it for a different one for the daytime? As in - do I need 2 per day? Thanks - I've no idea of the logistics! :thnk
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Think they're the same, yeah. Are they? Now you've introduced doubt into something I took for granted.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Yes they are the same. Some people dress baby in normal clothes during the day but I kept ds in a babygro until he was about 4 months old. I would say you would need at least 2 a day but might go through more some days.
snowbear Posts: 2107
They're the same, and some people have started calling them onsies to confuse you further! My little guy was a puker so we needed way more than 2 a day. For the same reason I kept him in vests and babygros with a cardigan over them for months, its too souks destroying to be washing little outfits! No need to change for bed if clean but we tend to do a bath at night so would change them anyway. Now he wears normal clothes during the day and a sleep suit at night and ill probably change to pjs when he's about a year. Hth!
Hellinhighheels Posts: 183
That's the thing WCL, I always thought of them as babygros, didn't realise we called them sleepsuits or onesies now, it's been about 15 years since I babysat an actual baby... (was afraid I'd missed out on some major baby-dressing revolution) Bigsurprise and Snowbear I agree, think it'll be a lot easier to keep them in 1 (or 2) babygros per day for the first few months. I might put a little outfit on him/her for visits or special occasions! Thanks for your help everyone.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
They are the same, like bigsurprise we kept LO in babygros till roughly 3 months. Its so much easier and I think more comfy for baby. Used 2 a day mostly. Plan to do same again this time. With it being winter I'll be making use of the hand knit cardigans I have. There is nothing cuter than a new baby in a babygro and hand made cardi!!
wowza Posts: 556
Is a onesie not a vest? And is a body suit a vest?
DM09 Posts: 261
I think oneies and body suits are the vests with the poppers at the bottom. And, babygrows and sleepsuits are the same thing. I think sleepsuits used to be called to the thicker fleece type. And I believe rompers are babygrows without feet. Apart from special associations, it is more comfy to keep baby in babygrow for first 2-3 months. I always put a fresh one (and clean vest) on in the morning and at bedtime. If you are lucky, you get away with only 2 in the 24 hours. However, some 24 hour periods could be a disaster with poo and/or sick, and you would need 4-5 of them.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Whatever you call them make sure you've a spare set in the changing bag! There will come a day when you pop into a public changing room to find an eruption of poo... Sometimes it's as easy throw the manky best away :)