slim built & big bump, pls help finding nightwear for ho

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
Hi all, well the moment has come to get the bags ready so i went for a shopping spree last night after work to get PJs, nightdresses and nightgowns for the hospital bags.. I'm having a really tough time finding something that isn't too tight on the bump and that fits me on top as well. I have a small built and I still fit into some of my size 6 and size 8 clothes but bump is already quite big. So anyway i went into Pennyes, Dunnes, M&S and Mothercare but couldn't find anything that fitted.. anything less than a 16-18 is too tight on the bump but it's absolutely huge on my shoulders, chest etc I'm not sure what to do or where else to go! I spent 2 hrs last night looking for and trying on nightwear for hospital and didn't buy anything!! ;o( Any advice? :thnk
Emomc Posts: 2069
Woodstock I had the same problem but had to make do with the 14/16's from Penneys and Dunnes. They are huge on the shoulders and dont look great but are comformtable aroudn the bump. My sister also told me its good to have something loose on the chest area as your boobs will expand rapidly when your milk comes through a few days after birth. M&S do some nice stretchy negligee nighties made from jersey with lace on the bust and I have a few in a size 14 which are great and I wear these at home. You can also adjust the straps-but I dont know if I will be taking these to hospital TBH as I think I might need to be a bit more covered up!
09Dreams Posts: 260
How about these, nice and cheap, new and size 8 *) ... 240%3A1318
fantac Posts: 4109
hi woodstock, i'm small build too and got great pj's in top shop's maternity section. h+m might be worth a try too.