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mrsRussel2015 Posts: 2
Hi everyone i am looking for some ideas around a small wedding. Originally we had booked a wedding reception with the intention of having a big celebration but after a lot of thought about it we decided it wasnt for us. So we are now going to have a small wedding with just our families which will amount to nearly 40 people. Have any of you ever had a wedding of that size? What was it like? After the wedding ceremony did you go for a meal we think we will but we are not sure what to do then should we organise a band or maybe just leave then and go straight on to our honeymoon??? I would really appreciate any advice anyone has around this. Thanks
joyjoy Posts: 45
This is really entirely up to you and how you want your day to go. We are having a small wedding next April, we have 60 people on the guest list and i expect it to drop to just under 50 for the day itself. We are having the ceremony and the reception in the same place we are having dinner followed by a DJ. I cannot justify a band costing the same as dinner for everybody so we're not having one. I think we'll be having a shorter day than usual - starting later and finishing earlier but I still plan to do everything 'normally' - as in ceremony, drinks reception, dinner and dancing. As I said though, it's your day and up to both of you what you want to do. If you want to have a band, do. If you just want to have dinner and be done with it, do that. One thing I've noticed so far in our wedding planning is that people are more receptive to the 'alternative' day now and accept that it's up to the couple to decide how they want to mark the day. So do what makes you comfortable and happy! :)
DivineGranny Posts: 28
We're having a small wedding too, approximately 40 adults and 8 kids. We're having it at Kettles Country House, they have a casual sort of dining room area that caters for smaller weddings. We're having the ceremony there too. It'll start at 3.30, then we get a cocktail reception for the guests while we get our photos taken. Followed by dinner then DJ. Like the previous poster said, we're having the normal wedding formula, it's just all going to be smaller and more casual :)
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Hey Smaller Wedding Wollies, We provide ceremony music and evening entertainment for smaller weddings. So we do the normal ceremony music - Church or Civil which ever you are having. Then after your meal we provide Pop up Piano bar entertainment, where your guests get to enjoy the music they want to hear. It's very interactive and we supply the baby grand piano, back drop so it looks classy, full PA System and song menus for your guests to choose from. It really is a great fun for a smaller crowd. We can also learn your first dance if you want so you won't miss out on those magical moments. Then we can supply a DJ for after the piano bar. You can of course opt for one or all three of these options and we can make a tailor made package for you. We can set this up in your home, Marquee, Restaurant, Hotel Venue, Private country house, Castle...... Check out this link for more details :) Warmest Regards Sinead
Invity Posts: 1
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jennhap Posts: 3
Are you settled on having the wedding in Ireland? I would have loved a small wedding but we are looking at around 200 people with family being so big. I was at a very small wedding in Rome two years ago and it was so lovely. About 30 of us travelled over with our friends that were getting married. It was so laid back but very romantic I think because the number was so small. They still got married in a church and then we went for dinner and drinks in the city. I'll have to look up the name of the restaurant again but it was just so different. We would have considered something like this myself if we could have avoided upsetting parents.
Rosieb88 Posts: 11
Hi I was originally planning on having the big wedding day but h2b is very nervous and his mother is a sick at the moment so we are doing things a bit different. We will have only our family and 1 or 2 close friends for church and then back to hotel. We are trying to keep to normal wedding day and have tea coffee and scones on arrival. We will sit for our meal at about 5 and then at half 8, all the relations will be invited in for band, finger food, cutting of cake and that. I think this way will be more relaxed and in not worrying about who to invite and who not to invite. Also venue costing us half the price this way