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June1 Posts: 11
Hi girls I am going under a different user name for this as haven't yet told anyone I'm pregnant. I am only about 5 weeks today and am really worried after inhaling chemicals earlier today. One of my tops ran in the wash last week and turned some of my other tops a different colour. I bought this product today that removes colour from clothes. Basically I disolved it in a bucket in the sink and put the clothes in it and left if there for the day. After I had rinsed them tonight I was looking at the label and it was saying to avoid inhaling the fumes and only use in a well ventilated room. Our kitchen is big enough but I didn't have any windows open. Now I am so worried about having inhaled these fumes. I have had 2 mcs before so I am just so worried and upset now. DH is away for the weekend and no one else knows I am pregnant. I'm terrified to google as I'm sure it will be all talk of miscarriage and abnormalities. Does anyone know if exposure to these chemicals for a relatively small length of time can do any harm? I just feel so annoyed with myself for not being more careful. Sorry for the long post
yummum2010 Posts: 407
Hi June1, Im not really sure about chemicals but just wanted to say that Im sure you will be fine. I'd say its only harmful if its prolonged inhalation for a long time - you wouldnt really have inhaled that much from a small bucket in a big kitchen from what I would imagine. Make an appointment with your Dr if you're still worried but Im sure you will be fine - try not to worry although I know thats easier said than done!
babyluck Posts: 764
if you weren't PG you wouldn't even think twice about this. you are just extra worried because of the mc you have had the manufacturers have to put these warnings on the products to cover themselves from getting sued as yummum said and you yourself said it was a short time and a big room so really - although I dont know about chemicals - I really think you are fine remember as well at 5 weeks the amount of blood vessels to the embryo are very little and also your body is protecting the embryo too your lungs then your blood would absorb the chemicals so very very little if any woudl make it to the embryo I think you will be fine but I understand your concerns *)
June1 Posts: 11
Thanks so much for the replies girls :thnk You have definitely helped me calm down! I checked the packaging again and it doesn't say anything about not using the product if pregnant so you are probably right that exposure for a short amount of time wouldn't have done any harm. I think its just the previous mc's have me so worried about everything. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight now!