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poshprincess Posts: 12
hi girls just looking for some advice!have booked in semi-private in holles st and have my 1st app with dr carroll in 3 wks-I'll be 15 wks by then.had a private scan in the beacon on Thursday (thankfully all was fine) but the doctor who scanned me said he'd send the results of the ultrasound over to dr Carroll in holles was only afterwards that I started freaking out (probably totally irrationally!) that if dr Carroll sees ive just had a scan that he won't do a mini scan at my app.what do you guys think?will he scan me regardless of my private scan or should I ring the beacon and ask them not to send my scan results to holles st?prob panicking over nothing but would really love the reassurance of being scanned again! Thanks girls!
montblanc Posts: 385
I'm not sure but i'd say he probably will do a mini scan. Last time I had one it was just a quick scan to check heart beat, a few seconds really, so even if he doesn't do one you won't miss out on too much. Although it is really nice to see the beating heart, so I hope he does one for you.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
At your first apt in semi private HS you dont usually get a scan. I didnt anyhow and either did anyone I know. They dont usually have time or the machines in the consultation rooms in SPC. So I dont think it would matter one way or the other. Bit of advice arrive early and make sure to get your urine sample bottle as soon as possible. Its mental busy in there. Chaotic is the only word!
alton Posts: 3077
Stop worrying! I had an early scan too and Dr. C wasn't overly interested in it really and certainly not offended that I'd had one! He had a cursory look at the result and that was all In the semi-private clinic there are two consulting rooms - one has a mini scanner, the other doesn't and its pretty much the luck of the draw which one you get. Even if you get the room with the scanner, it's not like a private scan. I mean blink and you'll miss it! In the other room he just uses a little doppler to listen to the heartbeat.