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Groovy Chick Posts: 70
Hi All I am on day 32 of my cycle. I am a regular 28-29 day girl. I normally can tell when my AF is coming the usual cramps and back pain and spotting leading up to full flow!! But this time there is nothing only the occasional grumbling of my stomack, the odd sharp pain in my left leg and around my groin area, no metallic taste, no sore boobs. Why have i not tested you might ask? because i can't really understand why i would be pregnant, we did not do the deed a lot this month and certainly not around ovulation time. if anything i though i would have been last month but i got my AF and I am now thinking what if that was break through bleeding. Head wrecked so i am going to get a test this evening and hold out until after the weekend. Anybody experience similar symptoms??
Ducky Posts: 2506
Can't talk about AF symptoms but can say that the month we conceived we did not DTD very often at all and had no idea when I I'd say you might have hit the jackpot O-O Here's hoping!
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
We didn't do the deed that often either the month I fell pregnant. We had been busy and i'd say we did it about one a week if even. Scandalous I know but it worked. the months before that we were at it like fukin rabbits and nada.
Groovy Chick Posts: 70
Well i will be well shocked if I am as for DH he will need to be sedated. So keeping fingers and everything else crossed
Georgie75 Posts: 7
Well any update for us?