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Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Hi ladies Just wondering if you could answer this one for me. Last AF was the 4th of June. Im like clockwork each month. Anyway, was a bit bold and didnt bother using anything on the 23rd. Would it be possible to get pregnant or would I have passed the window? Had talked about ttc but thought we would hold off for another few months but would be secretly delighted if it happened now. DH says it was a once off for the time being and will spend the next week wondering so hoping someone can answer the question for me ! Thanks !!!!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Chrimbobride. It's not easy to guess without knowing how long your cycle is. Most women ovulate about 14 days before AF arrives, so if you're regular, at lets say 28 days, AF will be due about Jul 2nd and using the 14 days you would have ovulated on the 18th Jun, so the egg might have gone by the time you did the bold thing on the 23rd. However, saying all that, these things are different for different women. Hope you get the answer you're hoping for!!