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little red Posts: 33
Hey Woolies!! Just got a form from our Videographer asking us to fill out which songs we would like played on our wedding video any good suggestions would be greatfully appreciated!!!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Hey! Here's the list that we gave our videographer: 1. Your Song, Ellie Goulding - I love this version. 2. You've Got The Love, Florence and the Machine - This is such a nice upbeat song. 3. Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol - just like this song. 4. Use Somebody, Kings of Leon 5. Wonderwall, Ryan Adams version - again amazing version of a classic song. 6. Tijuana Lady, Gomez - I think this is such a romantic song and it reminds us of our summer in San Diego together. 7. Floating Down a River, Incubus - A song we used to listen to together when we were away travelling. 8. Hold up a Light, Take That - I love Take That 9. Dancing in the Moonlight, Thin Lizzy - OH is a HUGE Thin Lizzy fan! 10.It must be love, Madness - OH proposed to me during this song at Electric Picnic 2009
little red Posts: 33
Thanks peacock girl some great song suggestions really appreciate it :wv
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
This is what we had [b:1wv89qpk]Bless the Broken Road - Rascall Flatts [/b:1wv89qpk] - Opening song over slideshow of photos of us growing up and then together [b:1wv89qpk]September - Daughtry (We got married in Sept) [/b:1wv89qpk] - Closing song done over slideshow of photos from the day [b:1wv89qpk]Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas[/b:1wv89qpk] [b:1wv89qpk]Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding[/b:1wv89qpk] - Played while the evening reception was getting started [b:1wv89qpk]No More Heroes - Westlife[/b:1wv89qpk] [b:1wv89qpk]Next to You - Chris Brown & Justin Bieber[/b:1wv89qpk] [b:1wv89qpk]Every Baby - Kelly Family[/b:1wv89qpk] - We had this song playing over video footage of our DS on the day [b:1wv89qpk]Beautiful Day - U2[/b:1wv89qpk] [b:1wv89qpk]One Day Like This - Elbow[/b:1wv89qpk] We were told to give 15 or around that but these are the ones he chose in the end, we also had One which is a song by Liam Murphy in Home & Away (Cant think of his real name now), but he didnt use that which was a pity its a lovely song. If I find the CD he gave me back with the list of the rest of the songs I'll post them for you but these are the ones I can remember from the top of my head. Some of them may seem odd but where he has them placed in the video are really perfect :)